Attorney Big Al Isn’t Santa Claus: Why Personal Injury Law Is Difficult

People often are skeptical about hiring a personal injury attorney. Some think it’s a simple and straight forward process where they can handle it themselves. Others believe that the lawyers and doctors will “eat up” their settlement leaving them very little. Nothing could be really further from the truth. As a personal injury attorney, I only get paid if my clients get paid and I never take more than what my clients end up with. After all, they are the ones that are injured. But getting to the point of where I am able to hand my client a check is a process that must be handled with precision and a little patience.

Your Attorney Can Help Determine Who is Fault

Sometimes there is a question regarding liability; who is at fault? Sometimes it’s easy other times rather complicated. Often times the insurance company for the party we are claiming caused the accident will try and blame my client for being partially responsible. Any percentage of fault attributed to my client will reduce the amount of the award by that amount. For example, if the insurance company believes you are 25% responsible for causing the accident, any amount you would receive would be reduced by 25%. Part of my job as your lawyer is to ensure that does not happen and often times I will lean on my clients for assistance. Some basic steps an accident victim can do to assist their attorney is:

  1. Always get a get a police.
  2. Take lots pictures of the accident scene and all cars involved.
  3. Find any potential witness and get a name and telephone number.
  4. Do not delay in seeing a doctor so that your injuries can be properly documented.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

An insurance company’s mission is to resolve cases for as little as possible. My job is the exact opposite; I want to put as much as possible in your pocket. Insurance companies also know which attorneys they can push around and which they cannot. They know that I will never settle my cases for anything less than their full value and if necessary, to take it to trial. My reputation as a no-nonsense trial attorney ensures that my clients always get the most for their claim’s often times with the need of going to trial. Some basic rules relating to insurance companies are as follows:

  • Never speak to your insurance company until you speak with a lawyer.
  • Never agree to do a recorded statement without your attorney present.
  • Never agree to do a recorded statement without your attorney present.
  • Never accept any settlement offer from any insurance company before speaking with an attorney.

A Personal Injury Case Can Take Some Time

A personal injury case typically takes 4-6 months to complete. A trial would add another year. That said, six months is about how long it typically takes all things being equal. However, the single biggest factor that can slow a case down is inconsistent medical treatment. Most of my clients have jobs and/or other responsibilities that make going to doctor appointments rather difficult. That’s why I work with medical providers that have flexible hours and are open the weekends. No matter how good of a lawyer I am, if my clients do not follow the medical treatment plan created by their doctors it will not only seriously lengthen the process but will also reduce its value. This is my client’s one shot to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Accordingly, I would rather take a little longer and make sure that we are getting the full on each and every claim.

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