6 Reasons Why Summer Shouldn’t Equal Road Rage

In the summer, nothing’s better than jumping in the car and heading off to the beach or the park and enjoying the beautiful weather. But these joyful car rides can quickly turn deadly when road rage enters the picture.

Feelings of excessive anger towards other drivers increase the risk of accidents and deaths on the roads.

Summertime, with its vacationers, intense heat, and glare can result in higher than average rates of road rage on America’s roads.

To combat this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most hazardous causes of road rage during the summer, and how you can avoid them.

1. Roll up your windows.

In the summer it’s pleasant to drive with the windows down. But lowered windows increase your risk for road rage and injury. When your windows are down, other drivers know you can hear them if they shout at you, and if their car hits yours there is an increased risk of injury, because open windows allow more debris to enter the vehicle.

2. Don’t let the heat get to you.

Hot weather causes people to feel cranky. This is a physiological response that’s difficult to control, especially when you’re driving. The hotter your bodily temperature is, the harder it is to regulate your temper.

If you feel angry while driving, ask yourself if your body is overheating. It may be that you need to crank the AC or stop for a cold drink, and that will help you calm down.

3. Be aware of the glare.

High sunshine rates in the summertime decrease visibility and cause you to make accidental driving mistakes that other drivers may perceive as aggressive driving on your part.

To avoid this, always wear sunglasses to keep your vision sharp. Not only are they a great fashion statement, but they can also help you to avoid accidentally cutting people off, fender benders, and other mishaps.

4. Know your dates.

August is the worst month for road rage incidents, as tracked by US news report the track to usage of the phrase road rage on social media. With high heat and high humidity, August can really make people feel cranky, so use extra caution during this month when you’re driving.

5. Mind the time of day.

Interestingly, evening is always the worst time for road rage. The same study found that 5 PM corresponds to a high increase in road rage.

6. Follow some basic tips

No matter what time of year it is, there are some ground rules to avoid road rage. Avoid making eye contact with other drivers on the road, whether you’ve angered them or not.

Don’t cut people off while driving or steal parking spots, especially if it’s hot outside.

Finally, use restraint with your horn. Save your horn for when another vehicle is putting you in immediate danger, such as when someone is merging and you think they haven’t seen your car.

These simple tips can save you a lot of headaches from road rage this summer, so follow our advice and keep a cool head on the roads!

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