Recent Report Finds Florida is Dangerous for Pedestrians; Florida “Attorney Big Al” Offers Tips On Defensive Walking

The release of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s preliminary report on 2017’s increased pedestrian fatalities has concerned the offices of “Attorney Big Al”. To stem the rising tide of accidents involving pedestrians in Florida, the firm offers tips for pedestrian safety to keep walkers safe as summer approaches.

The preliminary figures released by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association ranked Florida second highest for total pedestrian deaths last year, and even when that number was adjusted for population, Florida was fifth worst. Pedestrian fatalities have been increasing over the past ten years, and Florida is consistently on lists of dangerous metropolitan communities for walkers.

“Attorney Big Al” in Florida commented, “Walking is great for the environment and for your health, so these statistics are very concerning. Pedestrians deserve to feel safe on the roads, and we hope that following some simple precautions can reduce these trends.”

Pedestrian safety is rooted in the same practices used for defensive driving: always look around for danger and anticipate accidents before they happen. One place defensive walking is needed is while crossing the street. Intersections with crosswalks are the best places to cross the road, but always be sure to look in both directions. While most drivers will obey the law, an unfortunately high number will not.

Be on the alert for drivers running a red light, and look to make sure that all cars have a clear line of sight on you when you’re leaving the curb. Any medians, signs, or plants that make you harder to see put you at an increased risk of being struck by a vehicle.

You’re also more likely to be struck by a car while the vehicle is backing out, so be extra alert around walkways that cross driveways or alleys. If you can, don’t walk between two parked cars, because drivers don’t typically expect pedestrians there. If you can’t avoid it, try and make eye contact with any driver in the vehicle beforehand to be completely sure the driver is aware of you.

Finally, do everything you can to make yourself visible. Wearing bright clothes with reflective materials makes you much harder to miss, and this is especially important if you’re walking at dusk, dawn, or at night.

Striving to be as predictable and visible as possible is the best thing a pedestrian can do to avoid an accident, so take some precautions and be vigilant while walking.

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