What To Do After Someone Hits You While You Are On Your Motorcycle

Accidents are chaotic, and both drivers may be injured or in shock, so have a plant to protect your rights before you find yourself in an accident.

All motorcycling enthusiasts know they are at an increased risk of a potentially life-threatening injury, but if you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to take some steps to ensure your own safety and legal rights for the future.

Read on for a plan of attack that will protect your health and increase your chance of getting justice after an accident.

Look For Injuries

Your biggest priority after an accident should be to protect your own life. Move out of the flow of traffic and assess all involved drivers for any serious injuries. If anyone is injured, immediately seek medical attention and only take the following steps if doing so will not endanger your life. Motorcyclists are far more likely to be injured in an accident, so do not hesitate to call for an ambulance.

Call 911

Even if you weren’t seriously injured, calling 911 is a smart call in any major traffic accident. Putting the call in yourself will ensure prompt attention by the police, and it will create a police report that can help you in case later.

Document The Scene

While you’re waiting for officials, take careful photographs of the scene. Be sure to document your bike, the vehicle, and everyone present at the scene of the accident. If you were injured, photograph the scope of your injury and any damage done to your vehicle in close detail.

Get Information

Take down the information of everyone involved. This includes insurance information, license information, and contact numbers for all parties. This is critical if you decide to pursue insurance claims or litigation in the future. Don’t forget any witnesses on the scene!

Give Your Statement

When the police arrive, give them the details calmly and clearly. Even if you’re angry or upset, do not lose your temper with the officers. Take care that you don’t admit blame for the accident by apologizing or saying that you didn’t see their blinker, light, etc. It can incriminate you in an insurance case.  You can ask to see a copy of the police record when the officer writes it up.

Seek Medical Attention

After you leave the scene, immediately get a checkup. Even if you feel fine, minor issues can lead to long term damage that can have serious impact on your health. Don’t wait, especially if you have any head pain. Save any receipts for doctor visits so you can document your visit and be reimbursed by your insurance for any costs.

Have Your Bike Serviced

Just like your body needs a once-over after an accident, have your motorcycle serviced by a mechanic to determine the extent of the damage. This can rule out mechanical failure as a cause of the accident and can determine if your bike is safe to ride again.

Consider Litigation

A qualified personal injury lawyer can help you get justice for your accident. Most cases require no upfront payment, only a portion of any awarded damages, and an attorney can assist you with all aspects of your case to help you get justice for your injury and suffering.

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