What To Do If You Slip & Hurt Yourself At A Restaurant

Did you know that slip and fall cases are the largest type of accident claims filed against full-service restaurants? With hot surfaces and lots of liquids around, restaurants can be hazardous for employees and patrons! If you’re unlucky enough to experience a slip and fall accident at a restaurant, here’s a short guide on how you should handle it.

Know Your Rights

Like any public place, restaurants have a basic duty to the people on their premise to ensure the establishment is regularly inspected, that common hazards and dangerous conditions are addressed, and that patrons are warned of potential dangers. If you don’t receive adequate protections due to you under the law, and you experience an injury as a result, you can pursue monetary compensation for damages.

What To Do

  • Seek medical attention. Your first priority should always be taking care of your immediate health. In cases where there is a serious injury, this is primarily important your own safety, but even if you’re only injured in a minor way, seeking medical attention after the accident provides important documentation if you ever decide to pursue a course of litigation. Either way, get a written medical diagnosis of any injuries you sustain as a result of the fall.
  • Inspect the scene of the fall. Identify immediately what caused your accident. Often, this is pretty obvious, but it’s important to make a note of it. Was it unmarked water on the floor? Loose carpet? Cracked concrete? Whatever the circumstances, take stock of your surroundings.
  • Photograph the area. It’s important to take of the scene before the conditions are cleaned up or changed. Even things like cracked concrete can be corrected by a nervous property-owner before you have the chance to make your case, so document everything you can.
  • Write down your account of the event. It’ll be easier to forget or misconstrue elements of the event the further away you get from it, so get it all down in as much detail as possible before you forget it. At a minimum, the narrative will help your attorney if you decide to pursue litigation, so be accurate and honest in your account.
  • Let the restaurant know about your fall. Many places have a formal procedure to follow in slip and fall accidents, so there may be some paperwork to fill out. Keep an ear open for anyone who says that an accident like this has happened before, record their name and anyone who heard them say it in your account if you do.
  • Get the names and addresses of witnesses. Anyone who saw you fall or saw your pain after the fall can be a useful resource in a court case, so take down their contact information just in case. This is especially useful if the landowner disputes your claim.
  • Talk with a lawyer. If you’re considering legal action for your pain and suffering, a personal injury lawyer can be a strong asset and get you compensation and information about your case.

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