With Summer Vacation Around The Corner, 4 Websites On Ways To Keep Your Child Safe

With the summer season approaching, the Georgia “Attorney Big Al” suggests that parents read up on some ways to keep kids safe during their vacation. The firm has compiled a list of websites offering critical information that will keep kids safe, healthy, and have fun on their break.

“Attorney Big Al” in Georgia commented, “Summer break is most kids’ favorite time of year, but it can come with some anxiety for parents. Reading up on some safety precautions can ease parents’ minds and save kids from some injuries that dampen their summer fun.”

For general health and safety tips, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is full of useful information on everything from food safety to disaster recovery. For parents, they have a great section on general summer safety that covers topics like water safety, mosquitos, and injury prevention.

A common issue for children in the summer is heat stroke or heat exhaustion, and Kidshealth.org offers some resources for parents to identify and treat this common condition. This is important information because heat stroke can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention.  

To learn about sunburns and skincare for kids, the Johns Hopkins Medicine website offers tips from pediatric experts on preventing, identifying, and healing sunburns. The website includes a great section on moles and freckles, as well as when you should take your child to a doctor for a sunburn.

The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has resources on proper helmet fit for children that can prevent brain injuries and visits to the emergency room, and the CDC site has resources on proper lifejacket fit. Both of these sites should be required reading for active families that enjoy outdoor sports.

Finally, Parents.com has information about talking to children and teenagers about stranger safety, security checks, and abduction prevention.

Summer is a wonderful time to be a child, so do your research to help the children in your life have a safe and happy vacation.

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