The Florida “Attorney Big Al” is many things to many people.

  • He is a beacon of hope to all those who seek justice.
  • He is responsible for some of the catchiest radio jingles in history.
  • He represents the most professional personal injury attorneys in the country.

He also adores all of South Florida – the weather, the food, the attractions, and most importantly, the people.

If you love Florida as much as he does, and you are looking to take your family somewhere new and exciting, let him guide you to five of his favorite places to visit – in no particular order!

Sports Immortals Museum – Boca Raton, FL

Even successful lawyers like Big Al like to catch the big game!
The Sports Immortals Museum in Boca Raton, Florida was founded in 1943. It seeks to preserve the memories and achievements of the most spectacular athletes in history.

Some of the items on display here date back thousands of years. Wow!

In fact, you and your family will probably need to tour the museum twice. Sports Immortals showcases more than one million sports mementos, making it one of the largest collections of sports memorabilia in the entire world.

Jungle Queen Riverboat – Fort Lauderdale, FL

How about a cruise on the world famous Jungle Queen Riverboat?

Since 1935, the Jungle Queen has been delighting audiences of all ages with:

Morning, afternoon, and evening sightseeing

Dinner cruises with live entertainment

The riverboat itself is extraordinary in both history and design. More than 18 million people have already set sail on the Jungle Queen.

He is a fan of the big dinner, too. The Jungle Queen Riverboat serves some of the best all you can eat ribs, chicken and shrimp in Florida.

Naples Botanical Garden – Naples, FL

Would you prefer to take your family somewhere a little more blissful?

If so, the Naples Botanical Garden would be an excellent choice. Between complex legal cases, he enjoys bringing his office out to enjoy a relaxing piece of paradise.

The objective of the garden is to connect people and plants through display, education, conversation, and science.

The Naples Botanical Garden was founded by eight local residents more than a decade ago. These local heroes are responsible for creating a world-class botanical garden, featuring miles of walking trails.

Palm Beach Zoo – West Palm Beach, FL

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!

The Palm Beach Zoo doubles as a conservation society committed to protecting endangered species.

Although the Palm Beach Zoo is now home to more than 700 animals from all over the world, it came from very humble beginnings more than 60 years ago. Legend has it that zoo founder, Paul Dreher, first opened the facility with two ducks, two chickens, a goose, and a goat.

More than 314,000 people now visit Palm Beach Zoo every year, and Florida’s “Attorney Big Al” is always one of them. His favorite exhibit is the Florida Reptile House!

Museum of Discovery & Science – Fort Lauderdale, FL

The last stop for Florida’s “Attorney Big Al” wants you to make in South Florida returns us to Fort Lauderdale.

He may have saved the best for last, though. The Museum of Discovery and Science is an attraction that will keep your family thrilled and entertained for an entire day.

Just a handful of the available activities onsite include:

  • The Everglade Airboat Adventure
  • The playful antics of river otters
  • Hurricane force winds in the Storm Center
  • Fossil excavation alongside a massive shark
  • Numerous exciting science theater shows

The entire facility boasts two floors of interactive and fascinating exhibits.

Which of These 5 Places Will You Visit First?

Planning a trip to South Florida?

Or perhaps you are a resident and you are trying to decide on an outing the whole family will enjoy?

If you need a lawyer while in Florida, the only phone number to call away at is 1-800-HURT-123.

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