The best opportunity you have to get the payout you deserve from the insurance company is by working with a personal injury lawyer like your local “Attorney Big Al”.

Your local “Attorney Big Al” knows the ins and outs of the law that would never be obvious to the layperson. There is simply too much information and law and policies to weed through for the average person to properly understand on their own.

It’s worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer to make sure your tracks are covered.

Here are a couple insights to understand the complexities involved in getting the best payout.

Minor injuries and damage involved in car accidents can sometimes be handled on your own, but you risk not being compensated for issues that happen after the fact if you settle without considering every side of things.

In circumstances where major injury or death is involved, it is absolutely necessary to hire a personal injury attorney for your own protection. If you want the best possible payout to cover any damages that happened, or want to make sure that you’re represented fairly, then a personal injury lawyer is your best chance.

The earlier you get a lawyer involved, the better your chance of getting a preferred outcome. They’ll make sure you have the right documents and instruct you on how to answer questions regarding the case without getting yourself into trouble.

It all depends on the size of the case. Obviously in a bigger case, it’s absolutely necessary to have a lawyer involved from the get-go. In a smaller accident, you have a little bit of time to wait. Make sure to keep the details of what happened to yourself before having the chance to at least talk to a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer will warn you not to make some of the following mistakes:

Giving or planning to give a recorded statement.

A personal injury lawyer will tell you what’s permissible and what is simply too much information. Don’t wait until it’s too late to undo what’s already been said.

Not requesting the right amount of compensation.

A personal injury lawyer will tell you the right time to submit a claim and if there are other factors you should be considering. Don’t let yourself be cheated of what you’re rightly owed!

Assuming you understand how the law works.

Not all laws are fair, but having the right advice on your side is a good way to navigate them to get what you’re owed.

Assuming that the insurance company’s final offer is really their final offer.

The short answer – it isn’t. But trying to fight them on your own is a futile action.

Settling the case too quickly.

This could mean not knowing the extent of damage or injuries. This goes back to getting the right amount of compensation. If injuries related to the accident pop up after you settle, you won’t be compensated for them.

Assuming the insurance company will stick by their admission of liability.

Insurance companies don’t always play fair. We have all heard horror stories of trying to get fair treatment from an insurance company. The odds are not in your favor.

A personal injury lawyer will also help you to make sure you have the following important things covered:

  • Having a settlement amount in mind
  • Waiting for the best offer, which is not necessarily the first one
  • Knowing what your claim is worth, not letting an adjuster bully you into accepting less
  • Using emotional factors to get what you want
  • Getting the settlement in writing

Obviously there is a lot to think about, with a lot of potential to not receive a fair settlement when all is said and done.

The insurance companies don’t have your best interests in mind – they are worried about themselves.

Protect your best interests and do the research necessary to guarantee a fair outcome.

The good news is that you can contact your local “Attorney Big Al” for a free consultation at 1-800-HURT-123.

He will tell you if your case sounds like one that requires the help of a personal injury lawyer, or if it’s something you would easily be able to handle on your own.

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