Why Consult An Attorney After Being Injured At Work

Millions of Americans are injured on the job every year. Tens of thousands die.

Our nation developed the concept of workers’ compensation insurance to provide cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.

Sometimes it is difficult for an injured worker to prove that the injury occurred on the job. Employers or their insurance companies may deny a worker’s compensation claim for benefits.

If this happens to you, then you should call  1-800-HURT-123 and ask for a free consultation with the “Attorney Big Al” in your area. If you are injured on the job, then you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

What is workers’ compensation?

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance designed to pay for medical care for injured workers, for their lost wages, and for other damages they suffer as a result of their injuries.

Employers either pay for workers’ compensation insurance or self-insure. The Workers’ Compensation Board, a state agency, processes the claims for workers’ compensation.

If a claim is approved, then weekly cash benefits and the costs for medical care are paid to injured workers by the employer’s insurance carrier, as directed by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Money paid to workers’ compensation claims comes directly from insurance industry profits. Companies that self-insure pay claims directly rather than paying premiums for workers’ compensation insurance.

A workers’ compensation claim is paid if the employer or insurance carrier agrees that the injury or illness is work-related. If the employer or insurance carrier disputes the claim, no cash benefits are paid until the workers’ compensation law judge decides who is right.

It would be nice if all employers were concerned about their workers and did not try to prevent them from collecting medical payments and other benefits when the workers were injured on the job. It would be nice if insurance companies always responded to injury claims quickly and fairly.

Sadly, employers and their insurance companies are not always responsive or fair. Many insurance companies fail to act when an injury claim is submitted to them.

Sometimes they don’t even investigate the claims. They just deny them immediately.

Some employers demand that their injured workers return to work within a week or lose their jobs. Others just fire their injured workers.

I hope that these situations don’t happen to you. But if you are injured on the job and don’t receive an immediate response from your employer or the employer’s insurance company, you need to call your local “Attorney Big Al” for a free consultation at 1-800-HURT-123.

How To Tell If You Need An Attorney

If you are injured at work, and any of the following statements are true for you, you need the “Attorney Big Al” in your area:

  • Your injuries are severe enough to require surgery.
  • Your injuries are moderate to severe, and your doctor believes your health won’t return to the condition it was before the injury.
  • You are no longer able to work on a regular basis in any job.
  • You believe you cannot return to your current job, but you could work at some job.
  • You had significant disabilities before you were injured at work.
  • You would like to appeal a decision made against you by your employer, your employer’s insurance company, or your state worker’s comp division regarding your worker’s compensation claim.
  • You believe you are not receiving the correct benefits.
  • You wonder if there are additional benefits you could receive.
  • Your claim for medical benefits was denied or reduced.
  • Your employer has disputed a decision made by your state worker’s comp division.
  • You do not understand the worker’s comp process and would like the help of an expert representing your interests.
  • Your employer does not acknowledge that the injury happened at work.
  • Your boss retaliates against you for filing a worker’s comp claim.

If any of these statements are true for you, contact your local “Attorney Big Al” by calling 1-800-HURT-123 for a free consultation about your worker’s compensation claim.

The greater your injuries, the more you have at stake in the worker’s compensation claim process!

Don’t Agree to a Settlement Until You Talk to Your Local “Attorney Big Al”

If you are considering agreeing to a settlement of your worker’s compensation claim, you should talk to a lawyer BEFORE taking any action. and speak with your local “Attorney Big Al” for a free consultation right away.

You can file a worker’s compensation claim for any of the following injuries:

  • Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Digestive disorders that develop because of the stress of the job
  • Exposure to car exhaust that gives you carbon monoxide poisoning or breathing difficulties
  • Back injuries from lifting heavy items
  • Twisted knee from climbing off a piece of machinery
  • Broken bones from falling while stocking shelves
  • Poisoning
  • Severe burns
  • Brain or spinal cord trauma
  • And many others!

What Your Attorney Will do For You

“Attorney Big Al” will make sure you file all necessary forms and meet all deadlines, develop medical evidence that documents the severity of your condition.

Call your local “Attorney Big Al” for help with your workers’ compensation claim today! Call 1-800-HURT-123 for a free consultation.

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